The HustLife Story

Past: Cayden was born into a world with even less than your typical human being. No mother, no father, just an orphanage, and the hope of one day leaving with a family. He was alone in a South Korean social class system that bode well for parentless children and acceptance into society.
Extremely fortunate, Cayden was adopted into an American home in New York. For a majority of his life, he was part of a broken home, and lived in impoverished conditions. He attended a city school district that ranked almost dead last nationally, but excelled as a gifted student. Although he officially began working at age 15, Cayden grew up on crime-riddled urban streets learning ways to hustle. From lunch snacks to burned CD’s, Cayden mastered the basics of economics and turned the very little money he possessed into improbable college savings. Being exposed to the rough conditions early on made him extremely street smart and a resilient go-getter.
Against all odds, Cayden settled on a very expensive private university outside Philadelphia. With little more than the clothes on his back and an outdated Packard-Bell desktop computer, Cayden had become self-sufficient again to stay enrolled. Working full-time as the university’s landscaper, as well as focusing on his studies as a full-time student was grueling and nearly unmanageable. At the end of the first semester, he began falling behind financially. Cayden needed to reinvent himself and think outside the traditional means to make money. One of his few possessions, a computer that came equipped with an Ethernet cable was all he needed. It was hard-work and risky but Cayden used Craigslist to navigate some of Philadelphia’s toughest streets to find valuables and mainly broken electronics to resell. Along with his work study and school work, Cayden pulled all-nighters repairing video game consoles, digital cameras and televisions to sell on eBay and Craigslist. Additionally, he was known around campus as the book buyer, as he began buying back his peers used textbooks and listing them online. The side hustles prevailed and kept Cayden enrolled as he graduated with as the first in his university’s history with a new pioneered degree in Computing Technologies.

The college afterlife for Cayden wasn’t as promising as he hoped. He bounced around trying to find a balance between a self-fulfilling career and one that was financially secure. Everything from door-to-door sales to unfulfilling dead-end 9-5 jobs frustrated Cayden for the first few years before he decided to go back to doing what he knew best – reselling. In 2011, Cayden found a partner and successfully opened and operated two bustling Plato’s Closets franchises. Although successful, Cayden saw identified a huge flaw and socioeconomic shift that threatened his future as a budding entrepreneur. The migration towards online shopping and the eCommerce boom that he had flirted with during college looked to be the future. In an abrupt but bullish move, Cayden sold out of the brick-and-mortar business and transferred all his attention online.

Present: Today Cayden prides himself on being one of the most versatile eCom entrepreneurs in the industry. He stumbled upon the reselling community almost accidentally while posting a couple reselling picture on Instagram. From then on, Cayden has networked with several thousands in the industry and inspired many to greatness. He successfully scaled his business year after year, and carefully reinvested in commodities such as real estate, precious metals, and become an avid investor in the stock market. Some of Cayden’s closest protégés have surpassed 6-digit and even 7-digit annual revenues. Cayden sincerely prides himself off the ideology of succeeding first and then telling the story. Social media has spoken and craves more content from Cayden Jett, however he is currently focused on sustaining the financial success that is never guaranteed as a self-employed individual. Only recently has he started to document more of the process, and now begun to offer public services. Every single one of his 20+ limited public offerings through video broadcasts have sold out in a matter of hours, when offered. When time allows, he hopes to begin offering those again. Talk to him today and he’s a firm believer that the best software, most informative eCourses and hefty starting capital will never beat out pure hustle. With the current state of our economy, Cayden has been forward-thinking in creating very strategic solutions that will financially set him and his family up for life.

Future: Time is Cayden’s most limiting factor and he’s begun to realize his ceiling without the capabilities of replicating himself within his business. He has achieved monstrous growth online as a one-man team but has been considering a wide range of business ventures to scale. That being said, he’s grateful for every leg of his reselling journey and has zero desire to open a warehouse or get back into managing a roster of employees again. His wife, who is also enterprising and entrepreneurial have set their sights on carefully planned growth, brand building and economic opportunities that they foresee being possible due to the shifting climate of the national economy.