Cayden has dedicated insider knowledge and some behind-the-scenes guidance through his private Instagram account

For many years, Cayden has made his services with business growth, troubleshooting, sourcing and wealth strategies available to only a select few. He is proud to report that about 85% of clients he’s worked with directly have elevated their businesses to new heights and sustained solid growth since being assisted. Cayden is genuinely interested in the investment and success toward financial freedom. He is not tied or steered towards affiliates and practices unbiased, independent thinking to help each client’s different needs. Bookings are guaranteed but work on first come first serve basis.

Consultation calls
Basics/Introductory to reselling… $45/30 mins
Sourcing strategies (arbitrage, wholesale, private label)… $45/30 mins
Troubleshooting across any platform… $45/30 mins
Account health issues/performance… $45/30 mins
Investing outside eCom (real estate, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks)… $30/30 mins
Social Media help… $30/30 mins

Comprehensive Starter Packages… $450 (6 hours)
Amazon Package
How to navigate Amazon Seller Central
Tax setup and optimization
Specializing in FBM or FBA (select one)
How to manage inventory successfully
How to sustain good account health
Creating a growth plan for your Amazon business

eBay/Mercari/Poshmark Package… $350 (6 hours)
– How to navigate mobile and desktop platforms
– Tax setup and optimization
– Identifying a niche, and separating yourself from competition
– Best-selling strategies for your products
– Photographing, describing and promoting listings
– How to maintain physical inventory and customer service basics

Amazon feedback removal… $125 guaranteed or your money back
Live meeting or video chat on demand… ask
Ungating services… ask